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3 Qualities of Headlines that Sell: Do Your Articles Have Them?

Posted by Paul Carl Gallipeau | Mar 24, 2017

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Your headlines are the most important part of your  advertisements because they determine if people keep reading your ad or  not. Here are three qualities of headlines that sell:

1. Your headlines should create a sense of urgency.

What will your audience lose if they do not read the rest of  your content? An example of an urgent headline is “Save up to $100 per  Month on Your Accounting Software.” This creates a sense of urgency  because your reader could be losing money.

2. Your headline should make an offer that stands out from your competition.

Use your headlines to test one of your competitive advantages.  It doesn’t have to be a unique offer if you’re the only one using it in  a headline. For example, most SaaS companies offer a free trial. Some  need a credit card and some do not. Your headline can stand out by using  an offer like this: “Reduce Your Accounting Software Costs. Get Your  Free Trial, No Credit Card Required Upfront!”

3. Your headlines should be specific and concise.

The previous headline example might stand out, but it is  neither specific nor concise. “Save up to $100 on Accounting Software.  Free 30-Day Trial, No Credit Card Required!” is a huge improvement  because we reduced the length by 9 characters and added three specific  offers.

A change of headline can make a difference of ten to  one in sales. I never write fewer than sixteen headlines for a single  advertisement, and I observe certain guides in writing them David Ogilvy in Confessions of an Advertising Man

Concluding thoughts on headlines.

Remember that only some people will have interest in your product. The purpose of your headline is to pick out those people and sell them  on reading the rest of your copy. Use words and offers that will appeal  specifically to these people. Don’t write your headlines or ad copy for  anyone else. Finally, always test yours headlines!

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