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Hi, I'm Paul Carl Gallipeau. I am a digital marketing consultant that has helped all sorts of companies sell more online—from small companies like Nodecraft and Pawn Pro to international corporations like Kohler and AXA.

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Digital Marketing Consultant

My biggest point of difference from other digital marketing consultants and SEOs is that I don’t earn all of my income from providing marketing services. I earn my income from both client services and from my own portfolio of profitable websites. This gives me "skin-in-the-game" so I have to keep my digital marketing skills sharp. It also allows me to be more selective with the projects that I take on so that you and I can be confident in their success.

Website SEO Audit

Your SEO audit follows a checklist of 74 tasks to identify both opportunities and issues with your website. Your issues will be promptly fixed and opportunities will be seized.

Keyword Research

Your keyword research is done to identify profitable keywords to target with our SEO efforts. Your target keywords are prioritized based on potential ROI.

Content Mapping

Your target keywords are mapped to the appropriate content on your website based on both the intent of the user searching and their position in the sales funnel.

Onsite SEO

Your site is optimized based on data from the SERPs. I find what variables are correlated with higher/lower rankings and then add/remove them accordingly.

Building Backlinks

Backlinks are built to your website through my network of SEOs and affiliate marketers. I've built relationships with people in virtually every niche. No cold emails needed!


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is using pyschology, copywriting, UI/UX, design, and good marketing to increase conversions from your web traffic.

Top 3 Reasons Why People Choose Me


1. You know exactly what I'm doing.

I use Notion to both collaborate with you and to manage your digital marketing services. All of my workflows have thorough checklists of tasks that you can view the status of any time.

When you work with me, you will never have to wonder what is going on behind the scenes. You get 100% transparency.


2. Your calls get answered.

Whether you prefer calling, texting, emailing, or something else—you will be promptly responded to. If I can’t answer your call for whatever reason, I’ll return your call as soon as possible that same day.

Our relationship is the most important thing to me. You will always be able to reach me and you can trust me to manage your budget efficiently as if it were my own money.


3. You own all of your online accounts.

You own all of your accounts and data. I will teach you how to give your vendors (like me) access. This way you secure ownership of your accounts and you keep your passwords private. Honestly, it's absurd that this is still a major point of difference between me and other companies.

Whoever you hire to help with your digital marketing, make sure that you maintain ownership of your accounts and your data!

SEO Based on Data, Not Dogma.

Most SEO companies follow SEO best practices as preached by Google or industry experts. I used to operate that way too. Like all the other SEO companies, my results were hit or miss. I had to figure out a better way to execute my SEO services for both my own websites and for my clients’ websites.

I started to question everything—even the most basic SEO rules. Why should I trust what Google or the experts say when pretty much everyone follows their instructions and gets spotty results? Instead of trusting what the authorities tell us about SEO, I decided to start reverse engineering the search engine results for each keyword I want to rank for. The results have revolutionized how I do SEO to the point where I can now guarantee ranking improvements or I’ll give a full refund.

About Me

Hi, I’m Paul. I love to help people generate sales and leads online. I also enjoy hiking, playing basketball, photography, reading, writing, and selling stuff on eBay. That’s my wife and I in the photo.

I’m from Rochester, NY but I’m currently based in Syracuse, NY. I work for clients both locally and globally.

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Client Retention Rate

83% of my clients have worked with me for at least a year.


Referral Customers

Most of my new customers come from referrals.


Pos. 1-3 Keywords

My clients have position 1 - 3 for over 8,000 keywords.


Years Consulting

I have been a digital marketing consultant since 2007.

I use these awesome digital marketing tools


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"Since the very first moment we met Paul he proved to be very competent. His technical skills are outstanding, as well as his ability to understand our marketing needs better than ourselves. If you are looking to grow your online presence in a healthy, accelerated and honest way, Paul the person you need."

Jaime Monteiga


"Paul has the broadest skill set in the digital industry in the Greater Rochester Area. He has the mind of a brilliant engineer, and a creative design consultant. He is the consummate problem-solver. Unlike so many others in the tech field, he is a considerate, patient, and empathetic professional. Yes, his work is absolutely superb, and he has the welcoming personality to match. I unequivocally recommend Paul."

Daniel Behan

Client since 2015

Here are some companies I have helped sell more.

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