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Logitech M325 Review: An Awesome Mouse that Costs Less than a Coffee Date

Posted by Paul Carl Gallipeau | Oct 23, 2018

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I have a confession. I didn't buy this mouse.

I found it in the garbage room of my apartment complex, took it home, tested it, and looked up its resale value.

Luckily for me (and you), the Logitech M325 is cheap. You can get any of the hundreds of colors and designs brand new for $10 to $25 shipped. Used ones can be found on eBay for less than you paid for your cup of coffee.

Since it wasn't worth the effort of reselling, I tossed it in my bookbag. And, for the past year, I've ended up using it daily!

If you're a traveller or a cowork member (like me), this  mouse is your perfect companion. You don't even need a mousepad. A sheet  of paper, the palm rest on your laptop, your desk... Hell, even your  leg will work!


The USB stick is really a nub. It sticks out less than a centimeter  from the USB port so you can leave it plugged in when you stuff your  laptop back in your bag.

The mouse itself is small too. It conveniently fits in any pocket—even my jeans.

As someone with big hands, I thought the small size would suck but I  don't even notice it. I use it comfortably every day from 8am to 5pm.  Plus it's even ambidexterous for you left-handed freaks creatives. 😉

The Logitech M325 runs on a single double A battery. I've had  to change it once in the past year of daily use. The battery  compartment easily slides off on the bottom of the mouse and even has a  built in slot to store the USB nub.


Now let me tell you about my favorite feature: the scroll wheel.

This little guy scrolls through content better than any other  mouse I've used. Whether you're scrolling precisely to read a blog post  or quickly flipping down PDF pages, this wheel moves in perfect harmony  with your intentions.

The wheel can also be moved to both the left and right so  that you don't have to click the "back" or "forward" buttons in your  browser any more.


I've beat the shit out of mine (pic related) and it continues to work  just as well as it did back when I rescued it from a landfill.

The Logitech M325 is the perfect wireless mouse for portable setups. And it's so cheap that I ended up buying one for each of my bags so that when I'm taking my backpack instead of my messenger bag I don't have to worry about moving over all of my gear.

If you need a mouse for traveling or coworking, do yourself a favor and get a couple M325s.

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