Why Hire Paul Carl Digital?

Paul Carl Digital is a digital marketing agency based in Rochester, NY. Here are some of the reasons why our clients have hired us as well as sourced testimonials.

Our Promises to You

Honesty and compassion are the two tenets that guide everything we do both personally and professionally. Honesty is the key to success. You cannot have meaningful relationships, personally or professionally, without honesty. Compassion is essential for justice, unity, and happiness. We practice the golden rule at all times.

We Are Your True Partner

We are your true partner with no conflicting interests. You have exclusive access to us because we will not work with your competitors. Our processes are collaborative and educational.

Your data is your property

Unlike most other marketing agencies, we do not want to act as the gatekeeper to your data and your digital property. That power belongs to you. We take the extra time to teach you and to help you keep that power. You own your data from day 1.

We Are Scientific

All actions taken on your behalf are based upon data, not guesswork. We apply the scientific method to digital marketing in order to constantly improve your ROI. We track all metrics to prove what you’re getting for your money.


Here are some of the things that our clients have said about us.


“I found it very easy to work with Paul when I hired him as an IT Consultant. His marketing knowledge and multi-disciplined IT subject matter expertise made a significant difference in getting problems defined and solutions executed quickly. Paul cares about his clients and his business and goes the extra mile every time. I would highly recommend Paul.” Testimonial from LinkedIn


“I would highly recommend Paul for any work you need done when it comes to marketing yourself on line. He’s passionate about what he does and truly wants the best for his clients. He’s genuine and personable making it easy for him to capture what his clients are looking for and make it all live. He’s all about integrity and that’s one of the attributes I like most about Paul! He won’t let you down and definitely knows what he’s doing!” Testimonial from LinkedIn


“Paul has the broadest skill set in the digital industry in the Greater Rochester Area. He has the mind of a brilliant engineer, and a creative design consultant. He is the consummate problem-solver. Unlike so many others in the tech field, he is a considerate, patient, and empathetic professional. Yes, his work is absolutely superb, and he has the welcoming personality to match. I unequivocally recommend Paul and his smart business approach at Paul Carl Digital.” Testimonial from LinkedIn


“Every interaction I have had with Paul has been very professional. It is very apparent that he is passionate about his work. I appreciate how he simply gets the job done right. I look forward to working with him for years to come. Thanks again Paul!” Testimonial from LinkedIn


“Paul is an extraordinary professional who is passionate about sharing his expertise in digital marketing with his customers and beyond. As a digital marketing beginner, I am extremely grateful to Paul for helping me understand pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization from the ground up. He is a patient teacher and consistently strives for honesty and transparency in all that he does. I am confident that he will continue to be an impressive asset to any client he works with.” Testimonial from LinkedIn


“You will be hard-pressed to find someone as motivated and passionate as Paul Gallipeau. Not only is his knowledge of ppc advertising off the chart, he genuinely cares about helping people achieve their goals. To see Paul in action is an absolute must. I am indebted to him for all of his help and expertise.” Testimonial from LinkedIn


“Excellent partner to have in your toolbox. Paul knows what it takes to make your website visible and making money. Knows how to apply his skills for various business industries and requirements – and knows when he isn’t what your business needs. Definitely not something you find in others!” Testimonial from YouNeedMyGuy


“Paul Gallipeau, Director at Paul Carl Digital, is your go-to Pay-Per-Click internet marketing provider. His knowledge translates into explosive internet marketing results. Paul has provided endless consultation which will result in maximum exposure for me and my company.” Testimonial from LinkedIn


“Paul is a very talented professional who already at a young age has a wealth of knowledge of internet marketing and I have seen first hand how impressed his customers are with his expertise and his ability to deliver results. He is hard worker with very effective people skills and his professional acumen goes well beyond his years. If I was starting a new company and looking for a partner who will work hard and bring my business to the next level, I would call Paul as he is the future of the technology world!” Testimonial from LinkedIn

About Paul Gallipeau

Paul Carl Gallipeau is the owner and Director of Digital Marketing at Paul Carl Digital.

Hi, I’m Paul

I run a digital marketing agency providing services for clients around the world. I work and live in my beautiful hometown of Rochester, NY.

I am a learning addict with love for playing basketball, longboarding, reading, writing, and hip-hop. Outside of marketing, my interests include: technology, psychology, self-improvement, health/fitness, free speech, and cyber security.

My interest in digital marketing began in high school. I went to Nazareth College to study Biology, Secondary Education, and Philosophy. While in college, I was spending more time on my websites for affiliate marketing, my AdSense websites, and my tutoring business’ website than I was spending on my studies. I ended up dropping out to focus on my tutoring business.

I worked as a tutor and as a Child Habilitation Specialist at Mary Cariola Children’s Center for three years before I decided to take a shot at going full-time with my digital marketing business and I haven’t looked back since.

My Resume

It is in a high-quality .PDF format (6 MB filesize). You can download the 438 KB condensed version here.

I Have Spoken At…

If you’re interested in having me speak (or train) please contact us. I’m still open to volunteer to give my lecture to high school students on teaching literary elements through rap lyrics too.

I Have Volunteered For…

  • Mary Cariola Children’s Center
  • Children Awaiting Parents
  • Homework Helpers
  • Veterans Outreach Center
  • ImageOut
  • Special Olympics
  • and others!

If you are involved in a local nonprofit that you think I would be a good volunteer for, please contact us. Also, check out Google Grants and apply for their program to get free email hosting and up to $10,000 in free ad spend on Google AdWords. Learn more about this on our PPC Management page.