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5 Search Engine Optimization Tips for Normal People

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Sometimes the best thing you can do for your website’s SEO is just create badass content and be patient, then think about SEO later. I’m going to share a story with you to illustrate these five search engine optimization tips:

  1. Create content about things that you care about and know well.
  2. Don’t worry about writing with target keywords in mind.
  3. Write timeless content that uses good copy, video, and images to support your ideas.
  4. Be patient. Your content is a long-investment.
  5. Hire a digital marketing agency eventually

Create Content that You Care About

This domain used to be a resume site and personal blog before I turned it into my marketing company’s website. When I made the transition, I got rid of all of the unrelated posts except for one post. I considered this post to be the best thing I have ever written at the time so I didn’t want to delete it, especially since it had my only comment!

My goal with that post was solely to share what I thought was the best lesson on poetry and rap at the time. When I wrote it it was after I had taught the lesson for the first time. I was still really hype from it being a big success and I wanted to tell everyone who would listen. To be perfectly honest, I also wanted other people to use it and tell me how great it is so I packed it with all of my resources and sources for my research.

Has your company’s blog posted anything that you are genuinely excited about the thought of other people reading?

I didn’t write that post with any SEO concepts in mind.

In fact, I hadn’t even done any keyword research at all for the post. I wrote to express myself with no regard for any target keywords or any other SEO concepts.

I didn’t even use proper heading tags until I fixed them a few years later when I did an SEO audit of my site’s old content.

If you’re more concerned with your article’s on-page SEO than you are about the idea of another human being reading it, you’re not thinking long term.

By the way, below is a screencap of some of the terms that my article gets traffic from. I could have never planned for this diversity.

Create Timeless Content

I didn’t know it at the time but the teaching poetry through rap lesson is a timeless piece of content. It has held it’s value as a resource to teachers and tutors for almost a decade.

Timeless content contains some combination of information or resources that remain true for the long term. I once made a guide on Google Analytics that generated solid traffic but then Google changed the user interface and now the guide is useless and generates zero traffic.

I don’t mean to say that content relevant in the short term should be avoided; I’m merely making the distinction so that you can have a healthy mix for your investments.

What timeless stories, ideas, or advice do you have that your customers would get value from? Have you created content to communicate it?

Be Patient. Your Content is a Long-Term Investment

Your website and the content you communicate on it is a long-term investment. Treat it like one. You don’t scrap your 401k over a bad year so don’t do that to your website.

Your digital creations benefit from time just like an investment with compound interest. The tiny dividends (traffic/revenue/leads) that you reap today will be huge tomorrow if you continue to hustle, create good shit, and be patient. Even if your empire isn’t perfect, a good investment still beats a shitty investment or no investment – just be patient while the compound interest kicks in.

The bar is set so low that a blog post I wrote as an 20 year old idiot is outranking huge brands like Yale and Scholastic.

PS – Scholastic, the keyword “teaching poetry through rap” only gets 40 searches per month. I’m flattered that you would copy me but there are WAY better keywords to target. Maybe you’d like to take me up on my free 30 minute SEO consultation? Or maybe I should go back and improve my SEO on the post. ;)

Hire a Digital Marketer Eventually

As time went on I noticed that my post was generating a good chunk of organic traffic but it wasn’t benefiting my business at all. This was the perfect time to revisit the post as a marketer.

I ended up adding some ads and an affiliate link for Tupac’s poetry book which I use in the lesson. If the post was related to my business I would have also included a call to action to try to generate leads or sales from it too.

To date, I’ve earned over four figures in revenue for my business by leveraging the post as a revenue source. That’s not bad at all for about 5 hours of writing/editing over all these years, but imagine if it was related to my industry or part of a larger marketing strategy?

Wrapping Up

This advice isn’t anything new or revolutionary, but I hope my blog post’s story helped make it serious for you. Even if you don’t have the resources to hire an SEO or the time to learn SEO yourself, you can still produce great timeless content with a few hours a week.

If you make this investment, you’ll earn some money/leads/sales on your own and, eventually, your digital marketer will help you amplify those results even more.

Good luck and have some fun with it.

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